RÂVANA – Ten Headed Râkshasa (Demon)

Râvana was born as the son of Vis´ravas. Dasânana is another name of Râvana, and it means one who has ten heads. Râvana’s character changed dramatically in the many retellings of his actions as the central antagonist of Râma in the Râmâyana.

At one extreme Râvana was the consummate expression of evil and at the other an obedient devotee of Râma (Tulsidas’ version). In the epic Râmâyana Hanuman serves Râma with pure devotion.

It is the story of Râvana as a ten-headed, shape-shifting abductor of Sîtâ that all India has loved century after century. They have loved the Râvana who kept getting cursed by the sages because of his evil actions.

RÂVANA - A râkshasa (demon)

Râvana became the most well-known râkshasa in Hindu mythological literature, since his life was connected with Râma. Râvana’s previous lives were as Jâya and Hiranyâksha. He was reborn to carry on his program of evil as S´is´upâla.

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