MARÎCI – Progenitor, Prajâpati and Mahârishi

Brahmâ created Marîci, whose life remains clouded in some mystery. His greatness cannot be doubted, but some say that he was a Marut (one of a group of gods associated with Indra, thus gods of storms and battle).

Others that he was a Prajâpati (progenitor or grandfather), or even one of the seven mahârishis (saptarishis), who were also the seven cosmic principles. In the Brahmânda Purâna his wife was Anasûyâ (without spite).

According to the Bhâgavata Purâna Marîci (light) and Ûrnâ married and had six sons so powerful that they rivaled the creator. One day when they saw Brahmâ, they mocked him, saying that he was a father who had married his own daughter (Sarasvatî). Brahmâ cursed them to be born as demons.

MARÎCI - A Marut; a Prajâpati; a mahârishi

So these six had rebirths in two important incarnations of Vishnu as sons of demons—of Kâlanemi and then of Hiranyakas´ipu—and one as humans, as sons of Vasudeva and Devakî. In the Mahâbhârata Kas´yâpa-Prajâpati was only the son of Marîci, who was one of the six mind-born sons (mânasâ-putras) of Brâhma.

The Vâlmîki Râmâyana added Kas´yâpa as the seventh and youngest sons of Brâhma and thus a brother of Marîci.

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