VRINDÂVANA – Home of Krishna

Vrindâvana was both the mythical land of Krishna’s youth and an actual geographic area between modern Delhi and Agra. Vrindâvana’s meaning of “sacred basil grove” referred to the ancient forest that once graced that region. The modern town lies on the western bank of the Yamunâ River. (See main entry under Kâlindî.) It was to … Read more

AYODHYÂ – The Holy City of Sri Rama

Ayodhyâ was the capital city of the kings of Ikshvaku. But it then became one of the seven most sacred cities in India because it was the birthplace of King Râma. Ayodhyâ was also where Râma ruled as king after he defeated Râvana. Râmanavami is the festival that is still celebrated there, one of the … Read more